Press Release

Kern County Prosecutor, Cindy Zimmer Endorsed by Local Assemblyman Vince Fong

April 2, 2018
Contact: Cynthia Zimmer

BAKERSFIELD- Kern County Deputy District Attorney Cindy Zimmer has announced the endorsement of Assemblyman Vince Fong in her race for Kern County District Attorney.

Zimmer, a veteran of the District Attorney’s Office, was hired by DA Edward R. Jagels in 1984. She has handled nearly every type of criminal case and appeared in every court in Kern County. In addition, she has served in a wide variety of units in the department, most notably as supervisor of the Gang Unit.

While celebrating her accomplishments and dedication to making Kern county a safer place, Assemblyman Vince Fong stated, “Kern County is a strong and safe place with Cindy Zimmer at the helm of our justice system.”

Zimmer has been endorsed by rank and file officers across the county, every peace officer association in Kern County that has chosen to endorse, chiefs of police, retired Sheriff Carl Sparks, and former DA Ed Jagels.

Zimmer has vowed to continue the cutting edge work she started while at the District Attorney’s office like improving DNA collection techniques and successfully employing cell phone and social media evidence to secure convictions.

Zimmer is running for the open Kern County District Attorney’s office that is being vacated. She is married to her husband, Richard, who is also an attorney and former prosecutor. Together, they have twin adult children.